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Drinking Water Permit Programs

Plan Review and Permit Issuance

New and existing public water supplies which intend to construct new water supply facilities, modify existing treatment facilities or equipment, or extend water mains are required to obtain a construction permit from the Division of Public Water Supplies. Public water suppliers are also required to obtain an operating permit before putting newly constructed equipment, facilities or mains into operation. Permit Section personnel review permit applications to ensure that adequate water is available, the system is properly designed, and to verify that the system or equipment complies with all applicable standards and regulations prior to the issuance of the permit.

The Permit Section participates in the issuance of NPDES permits for waste discharges from water treatment plants by providing technical review and input to the Water Pollution Control Program prior to permit issuance. Public Water Supply Permit Section personnel also conduct a review and provide technical input on water treatment plant sludge disposal permits issued by the Water Pollution Control Program.