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Community Relations

The Office of Community Relations works with the public to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of environmental programs at the Illinois EPA. The main goal of the Office of Community Relations is to ensure that the public receives accurate and timely information about Illinois EPA activities while offering the public the opportunity to provide input on environmental decisions.

Staff in the Office of Community Relations perform the following duties on a day-to-day basis:

  • Issue public notices;
  • Coordinate the Illinois EPA Right-to-Know program;
  • Explain environmental statutes, rules, and regulations to the public in plain language;
  • Arrange and coordinate public meetings, hearings, workshops, and conferences to address public concerns and to answer questions about Illinois EPA activities - such as pending permit decisions, site cleanups, and new program initiatives;
  • Write fact sheets, pamphlets, news releases, and responsiveness summaries; and
  • Assist Illinois EPA technical staff with property access and public meetings.

The Office of Community Relations promotes outreach activities and fulfills, as needed, the public participation requirements for the following areas of the Illinois EPA:

The Office of Community Relations assists elsewhere at the Illinois EPA on special projects involving environmental education, the Great Lakes, community development and how-to workshops.

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Staff Directory

The following directory lists the Office of Community Relations staff at the Illinois EPA and how to contact them.

Staff Name and Job Title Phone Number
Brad Frost, Manager (217) 782-7027
Jeff Guy, Hearing Officer/Right-to-Know Program Coordinator (217) 785-8724
Rodolfo Alanis, Community Relations Coordinator
​(847) 553-9251
Sabrina Bailey, Community Relations Coordinator ​(847) 294-4394
Barb Lieberoff, Community Relations Coordinator (217) 524-3038
Finnegan McCurdy, GPSI Community Relations Coordinator (217) 785-6653