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WPC Permit Checklists

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State Construction and Operating Permits

Below are checklists of the required forms and attachments that are needed for State construction and/or operating permit applications for various wastewater sources and treatment systems.

For construction and/or operation of an industrial treatment or pretreatment system:

  • WPC-PS-1 Form
  • Schedule J
  • Schedule G
  • Schedule N
  • Process Flow Diagram
  • Design Plans
  • Basis of Design of Treatment System (Design Criteria or Specifications)
  • Narrative Description of Wastewater Sources and Treatment/Pretreatment System Operations.

For the construction of new or expanded municipal wastewater treatment facilities (POTW's):

For the construction of a sanitary sewer connection or sewer main extension:

For the construction of a municipal and industrial lift station and forcemain:

For the construction of a new industrial wastewater source to the sanitary sewer (i.e. industrial wastewater discharge with no pretreatment):

A permit application to land apply sludge for agronomic or soil amendment benefit must include:

A permit application to spray irrigate with treated wastewater must include the following:

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permits

NPDES Permits are required for the discharge of wastewaters to waters of the State. Below are checklists for permit applications for different types of wastewaters.

An application for a NPDES permit for a new industrial discharger must consist of the following:

An application for a NPDES permit for an existing industrial discharger must consist of the following:

  • USEPA General Form 1
  • USEPA Form 2C
  • USEPA Form 2F (if Stormwater Associated with Industrial Activity is included)
  • If Application for Reissuance Includes New Wastestreams or an Increase in Loading from Existing Wastestreams, A Complete Anti-Degradation Assessment Must Be Included - See: 35 Ill. Adm. Code Part 302.105
  • A Complete Characterization of the Industrial Processes which Generate the Wastewater
  • Description and Design Criteria for Wastewater Treatment Processes

Applications for a NPDES permit for the discharge of treated wastewater from a municipal wastewater treatment plant must include the following: