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PWS Permit Checklists

Having Trouble Opening These Forms?: These forms must be opened using Acrobat Reader. If you click on one of these links and get a message that starts with "Please wait...", then your computer is trying to use the web browser rather than Acrobat Reader to open the file. In that case, do this:

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State Construction and Operating Permits

Below are checklists of the required forms and attachments that are needed for State construction and/or operating permit applications for various water system improvements.

The following forms are required for the construction of water system improvements:

  • Application for Construction Permit
  • Schedule A
  • Schedule B (Applicable for the installation of Water Main Only)
  • Schedule C-I (Applicable for the Drilling of a Public Water Supply Well Only)
  • Schedule C-II (Applicable for the Improvements of a Drilled Well (e.g. installation of a well pump, discharge piping, pitless adapter, et. al.))
  • Design Plans
  • Basis of Design and Narrative Description of the Proposed System Changes
  • Permit Fee (Applicable Water Main Only)

The Operating Permit Application must be submitted for all Public Water Supply Improvements prior to the project being placed into service. The following forms are required for the operation of constructed water system improvements:

  • Application for Operating Permit
  • Narrative Description of the Completed Improvements
  • Design Plans/Flow Schematics (Partial Operation Only)
  • Sample Results (Analyzed by Membrane Filter Technique with the number of samples required determined by 35 Ill. Adm. Code Section 652 Subpart B and any Special Conditions on the Construction Permit)

The following forms and items are required for the Algicide Permit