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Application for Operating Permit

This form is to be used when requesting permission to operate under a previously approved permit. If other changes are to be made to the facility a supplemental request must also be made and the review period will be 90 days, to coincide with the supplemental permit request. If any certifications, reports, test results etc., are required by the development permit prior to operation, these must accompany the operating permit (OP) application. This form is for all non-hazardous waste facilities, and is not to be used for RCRA Part B Permits.

Supplemental or Significant Modification Permit Applications

An application of this type need generally include the General Form ( LPC-PA1). Any changes to a previously permitted facility which do not involve expansion, significant changes to the development permit or additions of new forms of waste management (e.g., like adding an incinerator at a landfill) are considered supplemental or significant modification for landfill regulated under Parts 810 through 814 but still require a thorough explanation, supplemented by plans and specifications as necessary.