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Application for a Solid Waste Management Permit to Develop Treatment and/or Storage Facilities

Persons requesting a permit to develop a new solid waste treatment, storage, incineration, recycling, or land treatment site or requesting a permit for the first time for such a facility should use this application form. Facilities that are expanding, or adding new units (i.e., new storage area, new treatment units, etc.) should utilize this application as guidance but need only submit LPC-PA1 and PA16 to obtain a supplemental permit. When application is made for a supplemental permit (expansion, etc.) the applicant should address each area with respect to the original application to see whether changes are necessary. If no changes are necessary, that fact should be so indicated. For example, if a new storage area is proposed, it may not be necessary to change waste analyses or waste characterization plans, but the contingency and closure plans would have to be changed.