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Hazardous Waste

1. Who is covered?

Facilities that generate, store, treat, incinerate or dispose of hazardous waste. Facilities that perform more than one category of waste handling only pay the highest applicable fee. Generators of hazardous waste that qualify as "Large Quantity Generators" are required to submit an annual or biennial hazardous waste report. Facilities that are storage or generators only, will submit their annual fee with their annual hazardous waste report. Facilities that are covered by other waste handling categories will continue to pay their annual fees in installments.

2. What is the fee?

The fee depends on the activity performed:

Waste Handling Category


Off-site Disposal $70,000
On-site Disposal $18,000
Underground Injection $14,000




Impoundment or Pile




Generator (New Category)


3. Who do I contact with questions?

Additional information or assistance is available by contacting the Bureau of Land Financial Management Unit at 217-785-6871.