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Clean Air Title V

1. Who is covered?

Sources that are subject to Illinois’ Title V permit program or CAPPP under Section 39.5 of the Environmental Protection Act.

2. What is the fee?

The site fees are based on the amount of emissions of any combination of regulated air pollutants as indicated below:

Allowable Emissions/Year Fee
< 100 tons $2,150
100 tons to <13,674 tons $21.50/ton
> 13,674 tons $294,000

3. What is the significance of the fees?

CAAPP Permits limit the allowable emissions of sources in Section 8.0 of the permit. This is done to set the sources annual site fees, which are calculated from the sources allowable emissions. While these fee limits are NOT federally enforceable, these fee related limits on a sources allowable emissions are enforecable under state law.

4. When do I need to provide a fee form?

A 292 CAAPP fee form is required upon initial application and upon renewal application. A new fee form is also required when the source wishes to change their fee limits.

5. How do I change my fee limits in my CAAPP permit?

Between Renewals
At Renewal

No Construction Activity

Decrease or Increase

Administrative Amendment

with Renewal

Before Construction has Occurred*

Decrease or Increase

Administrative Amendment

with Renewal

* A construction permit may be required before the change to the CAAPP.

6. Is a CAAPP permit fee form available on-line?

Yes. Permit forms are available from our CAAPP forms web page.

7. Who do I contact with questions?

Additional information or assistance is available by contacting the Permit Section at 217-785-1705.