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General Storm Water NPDES Permit for Industrial Activity

Permit Renewal Notification: The General NPDES Permit for Industrial Activity was renewed on July 1, 2023. Part D. Paragraph 7.b. of the permit (Duty to Reapply) requires permittees to submit an NOI for renewal no later than 150 days after the new General Permit is issued. Permit Renewal does not require a fee. 

Eleven Categories of Storm Water Discharges Associated with Industrial Activity were regulated under Phase I of the NPDES Storm Water Program in 1990.

No Exposure Exclusion for regulated categories of Industrial Activities

Under the Phase II Rule, no new categories of industrial activity are designated into the storm water program. The Rule does, however, include a revised "No Exposure Exclusion" that is available to all regulated categories of industrial activity (except category (x) - large construction activity) if the facility operator can certify that industrial activities are not exposed to storm water runoff.

Please send form to Illinois EPA:

Division of Water Pollution Control

Attn: Permit Section
Post Office Box 19276
Springfield, Illinois 62794-9276

General Storm Water NPDES Permit for Industrial Activities

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A revised Storm Water Industrial Activity Permit (ILR00) has been developed by the Agency. Previous changes to the expired permit include:

  1. Existing facilities covered by the general permit must submit an electronic copy of their Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) along with the next annual report that is submitted to the Agency. Submit the SWPPP to

  2. New applicants must submit an electronic copy of their SWPPP with a Notice of Intent to the above address before coverage will be granted. A $500 application fee must also accompany the NOI before coverage under the permit is granted.

    Unless notified by the Agency with a Notice of Incompleteness letter, coverage under the Storm Water General NPDES for Industrial Activities permit is automatic under the terms and conditions of the permit 30 days after the date the NOI is received by the Agency, provided the industrial site has received sign-off from IDNR and IHPA that the industrial site complies with endangered species and historic preservation laws.

  3. Submit an annual inspection report to Illinois EPA. The Annual Facility Inspection Report should be submitted electronically to:

    1. The first report shall contain information gathered during the one year time period beginning with the date of coverage under the NPDES permit and shall be submitted no later than 60 days after this one year period has expired.

    2. Each subsequent report shall contain the previous year’s information and shall be submitted no later than one year after the previous year’s report was due.