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Fact Sheet 4

Questions about the Demolition/Decommissioning Work Being Performed at the former Lawrenceville Refinery Site

Fact Sheet #4

October 1998

Lawrenceville, Illinois

Are the persons who are doing removal of asbestos containing materials licensed and certified to do the work?

Yes. The Illinois EPA sent a field office asbestos inspector to the site in July to confirm that all of the personnel working on asbestos removal are licensed to do so. The Illinois Department of Public Health's Asbestos Licensing Section actually does the licensing. They keep a database of information on who is licensed in the state. You may contact Asbestos Licensing Manager Kent Cook at 217/782-3517 with questions about that.

Does the Illinois EPA have any responsibility to hire union labor?

No. If the Illinois EPA is running a project, such as site clean up, the federal statute that must be followed, the Davis/Bacon Act, requires only that the prevailing wage be met when federal or state money is involved.

In the case of the demolition/decommissioning work at the refinery, a private company is performing the work. The Illinois EPA is prohibited from interfering in the contractural business of private industry as long as proper methods are being used.

Is the asbestos removal work and other demolition work at the refinery being handled in a safe manner?

Yes. The Illinois EPA believes that the work plan that was developed for the process of demolition and decommissioning of this facility includes all the proper references to applicable state and federal guidelines on safe work practices.

As stated in Illinois EPA's fact sheet #3 for the refinery site (June 1998), if the work proceeds according to the contractor's work plan and requirements of federal and state laws, potential exposure of site contaminants to the surrounding community should be minimized.

Illinois EPA has a project manager on site five days a week to insure that the terms of the work plan are met. Additionally, an asbestos inspector from the Illinois EPA Marion field office has been periodically visiting the site. Specific questions about health concerns may be posed to Lynn Stone, toxicologist at the Illinois Dept. of Public Health, Marion (618/993-7010) or to Eric Paulin, Director of Environmental Health for Lawrence County at 618/943-3302.

Is the asbestos material being properly contained before it is taken off site to a landfill?

Yes. Federal law requires that the asbestos-containing materials be double-bagged and sealed in 6-mil polyethylene plastic and containerized before being taken to a solid waste landfill.

Are violations that were issued against the Lawrence County Landfill related to the materials being taken from the refinery?

No. The violations that were issued in June of this year had to do with certain construction project items that were late in being completed prior to issuance of an operating permit. These include completion of erosion control, site fencing and construction of a wheel-washing facility. The operating violations included inadequate daily cover (dirt) on the disposed waste and blowing litter. The Illinois EPA field office inspector assigned to this site has been meeting with the owners/operators frequently and making inspections of the landfill to insure that these violations are corrected. During the inspection completed on October 8, 1998, the Marion office observed no problems in regards to asbestos handling.

For Additional Information

Greg Ratliff

Project Manager

Illinois EPA

Bureau of Land

P.O. Box 19276

Springfield, Illinois 62794-9276

(217) 782-9882
Carol Fuller

Community Relations Coord.

Illinois EPA

Office of Community Relations

P.O. Box 19276

Springfield, Illinois 62794-9276

(217) 524-8807