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Financial Resources

A Guide to Federal, State, and Regional Loan and Grant Programs for Agribusiness

The Agricultural Loan Matrix is a list of financial opportunities such as loans or grants that are distributed to the agricultural sector. Included in the matrix are terms, rates, fees, eligibility, and the appropriate contact information.

Tax Certification Program for Livestock Waste Management Facilities

As an incentive for livestock producers to construct waste storage structures and other structures which prevent water pollution the Agency administers a tax certification program, which reduces the property tax value for many pollution control improvements. For more information see Illinois EPA's Tax Certification Program webpage.

Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Grant Program

Nonpoint source pollution occurs when water run-off picks up pollutants and carries the pollutants to lakes, rivers, and groundwater. Grants for this program, also known as Section 319, are available to implement corrective or preventative projects. The Section 319 Nonpoint Source Livestock Projects web page contains a summary of two grant projects implemented for the agricultural industry. Additional information about this program is available at the Nonpoint Source web page.