If the applicant is not a unit of local government, please submit proof that the appropriate governmental unit(s) (i.e., County Board, City Council, Village Mayor) is/are aware of and support(s) the project's scope. (See "Documentation" section below.)

Specify type of Other Applicant Organization.

Name(s) of Town(s)/County/Township etc., included in the proposed collection area

Please describe the proposed collection site and submit a photograph, sketch and map of the area. (See "Documentation" section below.)

List local personnel available for pre-collection day organization (P.R., planning, etc.). Include what forms of advertising (e.g. newspaper, direct mail, flyers, etc.) will be used to promote the event and include a proposed time schedule.

Describe the types of local personnel available for collection day assistance (e.g. traffic control, greeting participants, surveying cars). Include any assistance to be provided by police and/or street departments.

Please state the amount of any local contribution that would be able to be made toward the cost of the collection.

Please include any other pertinent information or plans you may have in relation to this requested event.