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Application for a One-Day Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Proposed Collection Site

Collection site requirements:

  • Illinois EPA contractors require a large, open area with sufficient space to allow for semi-trailers, a large tent, several roll-offs and other equipment.
  • A long queuing area with separate entrance and exit is required to accommodate traffic flow.
  • Illinois EPA personnel and contractors need access to the site from 12:00 noon Friday until midnight Saturday.




As noted above, some documentation cannot be submitted electronically and must be submitted by postal mail or in person, including:

  • Proof that the appropriate governmental unit(s) (e.g. County Board, City Council, Village Mayor) is/are aware of and support(s) the project's scope (if the applicant is not a unit of local government). 
  • A photograph, sketch and map of the area of the proposed collection site. (See item 4 above.)
  • A letter of permission from the property owner (if the property owner of the site is someone other than the applicant). 

Send the supporting documentation requested above to:

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
Bureau of Land #24
Materials Management and Compliance Section
1021 North Grand Avenue East
P.O. Box 19276
Springfield IL 62794-9276

Applicants are not chosen on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have any questions concerning this application, contact the Materials Management and Compliance Section at (217) 524-3300 or email Illinois EPA.