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Acceptable Wastes at One-Day Collections

Oil-based paints Used motor oil
Paint thinners Drain cleaners
Herbicides Lawn chemicals
Insecticides Solvents
Pesticides Antifreeze
Old Gasoline Hobby chemicals
Pool Chemicals Aerosol paints and pesticides
Cleaning Products Fluorescent lamp bulbs
Mercury Old Outdated Medicines and Pharmaceuticals
Household Batteries  

Please Do Not Bring Latex Paint

Unacceptable Wastes at One-Day Collections

Agricultural chemicals Propane Tanks*
Business/commercial sector wastes Smoke detectors
Explosives Farm machinery oil
Fireworks Fire extinguishers*
Lead Acid Batteries Institutional Wastes
Controlled Substances Sharps, needles and potentially infectious medical wastes

* Although the Illinois EPA's contractors do not accept automotive batteries, propane tanks, or fire extinguishers, cosponsors may elect to contact a vendor willing to set up and accept these materials on the day of the collection event. Call the Illinois EPA to verify materials being accepted.