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What is NH3 and why is it showing up on my annual emissions report?

NH3 is the pollutant code we use for ammonia. In June 2002, USEPA published a rule ( Consolidated Emissions Reporting Rule) stating what inventory data states are required to provide USEPA and on what frequency. The major change affecting IEPA was the new rule requiring submittal of ammonia and PM2.5 emissions beginning with the 2002 inventory.

Visit the USEPA's web site for more information on this rule.

To plan for this submittal, IEPA added ammonia and PM2.5 emissions to its inventory. This information was subsequently provided on your annual emission report. The emissions of ammonia added to the inventory were mainly fuel combustion sources. Ammonia emission factors were used from FIRE 6.23 in conjunction with operating data already in the inventory to calculate emissions.

Visit the USEPA's web site for more information on FIRE.