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Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I already use eDMR do I have to also use NetDMR?

NetDMR is a more user-friendly electronic DMR program that is run by the US EPA. You do not have to use NetDMR in addition to eDMR, but rather in place of eDMR. After all permits are transitioned to NetDMR, Illinois EPA will no longer be hosting the eDMR system.

2. If I’ve already signed and submitted a DMR on NetDMR can I go back and make corrections?

Yes, you are able to correct DMRs that have already been signed and submitted. Search for the DMR you wish to correct and select Correct DMR. You will be taken to the DMR entry page where you can change any fields that need correcting. Once you are done you must sign and submit the corrected DMR.

3. Does NetDMR use CDX for login and certification? If not how does someone certify a DMR?

NetDMR is a Web-based tool that allows NPDES permittees to electronically sign and submit their DMRs to EPA’s Integrated Compliance Information System via the Central Data Exchange (CDX) node on the Environmental Information Exchange Network. All users who will have any sort of access to DMRs will have to register a login through the IEPA NetDMR instance. Only those with a Signatory role (those who are certified to sign DMRs and have submitted a Subscriber agreement to the IEPA) will be able to electronically sign a DMR.

4. Are permits and their parameters automatically loaded up into the NetDMR system?

Yes. NetDMR requests basic permit information from ICIS. After the initial request for Basic Permit occurs, NetDMR will request the data from ICIS every weekend.

5. Does NetDMR accept uploads from information systems?

If your system can create files in a comma delimited format, then yes. NetDMR allows users with an Edit or Signatory role to import all DMRs for one permit out of a comma delimited ASCII text file that is generated out of a spreadsheet or database package.

6. How are permit items that require hard copy submittals to be handled?

If you are simply submitting additional documentation, NetDMR has a feature that allows you to submit attachments with your DMRs. If you are required by your permit to send a hard copy specifically, you are still able to mail items in to the IEPA. In fact, if for some reason you were not able to submit your DMRs online one month due to computer failure, you can send in your DMRs via mail. You could also leave comments on a DMR to notify us of the mailing in of additional documentation or email or call us.

7. How are Non-Detects or other data qualifiers handled?

There is a No Data Indicator (NODI) section that you can fill out for the entire DMR, a line of the DMR, or single DMR parameters and allows you to explain why certain parameters are to remain blank. A list of NODI codes can be accessed on the DMR by clicking on List in the Parameter NODI column. NODI examples include “Below detection limit/No detection”, “Insufficient flow for sampling”, “Frozen conditions”, and “Other (see Comments)”. A comments section at the bottom of each DMR allows you to further elaborate on any area of concern.

8. Do you have to certify each DMR/Outfall or can you certify the entire group of outfalls submitted for the month?

You can choose to sign and submit one DMR, check the ones you want, or sign and submit all available DMRs in a single batch.