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Landfill Inspections

The Field Operations Section of the Division of Land Pollution Control inspects waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities (TSD facilities) to monitor and assess their compliance with the all applicable requirements. In addition, this section performs inspections of waste generators and transporters to monitor and assess their compliance with all applicable requirements. Complaints about improper waste management activities at facilities within Illinois are also handled by this section.

The Field Operations Section is comprised of seven regional offices located in Champaign, Collinsville, Des Plaines, Marion, Peoria, Rockford and Springfield. Each of these offices is responsible for conducting inspections within their region. Citizen complaints regarding the improper management of waste may be filed with the appropriate regional office of with Illinois EPA's Office of Community Relations either by telephone or by using the Citizen's Pollution Complaint form.

Delegated Counties

Illinois EPA has delegated its authority to inspect solid waste management facilities separate county agencies, the Ambraw Valley Solid Waste Agency (for Crawford, Richland and Lawrence Counties) and the City of Chicago. These agencies are authorized to conduct many of the duties within their political boundaries that would otherwise be performed by a field office including: investigating violations of land pollution laws and reports of open dumping; and inspection of permitted landfills, transfer stations and compost facilities.

Additional documents related to the delegated inspection program are available here.

Open Dumping

Open Dumping is a continuing problem in Illinois where waste is randomly or openly dumped at non-permitted locations. Contact your Illinois EPA field office or the local delegated agency to report open dumps.

More information on open dumping.