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Landfill Locations Map

Locations of Landfills in Illinois

A landfill is a site for the disposal of waste materials by burial.  Historically, landfilling has been the most common method of organized waste disposal.

Permitted landfills can be divided into three categories based on the three major stages in the lifecycle of a typical permitted landfill:

Active Landfills – These landfills are permitted to accept waste for disposal.

Landfills in Post-Closure Care – These landfills have been filled to their permitted disposal capacity, have been closed and covered, and are being stabilized under a post-closure care plan.

Landfills Certified Post Closure – These landfills have been stabilized, post-closure care is complete, and the permit process has been terminated. 

An interactive map of the Landfills in Illinois  shows the locations of landfills in each of the three categories above.  The map also shows the locations of landfills that are in the databases for the Illinois EPA’s Voluntary Sites Program and State Sites Program.  Some of these landfills are not included in one of the three categories above.

Clicking the bars in the upper right hand corner of the map will open a key of the symbols used for each type of landfill.  Clicking on an individual landfill’s location will provide identifying information about the landfill.