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Daily Operating Reports

In order to assure safety and long-term operation, all Public Water Supplies are required to maintain records, or "Daily Operating Reports." These reports contain details of water supply operation at each location water enters a system, is pumped, or is treated. At a minimum, these records must include the daily amount of water entering a system (if purchased from another public water supply). Various other types of records are required based on the type of treatment provided, but include the daily amount of water pumped or purchased, the daily amount of chemical added, the daily-calculated chemical dose, and the daily tested chemical dose. Lime softening, ion exchange, pressure filtration, or surface water treatment has additional operational reporting requirements. Within thirty days of the end of each month these reports must be signed by the Certified Operator in Responsible Charge and mailed to the appropriate Regional Office. Please keep a copy for your records. Note that any forms (electronic or otherwise) created by a Public Water Supply must be approved by the appropriate Regional Office prior to use.

The following daily operating report forms are provided for use: