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Fact Sheet 3

Superfund Project Update

Fact Sheet #3 August 1994

Rockton, Illinois


Residential Well Sampling Completed

Laboratory results for the analysis of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) in private water wells located in the Blackhawk Acres Subdivision and nearby areas have been received. Private wells were sampled on May 11-12th as part of Phase 2 of the Remedial Investigation (RI). Letters to the residents explaining the individual results will be sent by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) after quality assurance/quality control has been conducted to ensure the accuracy of the sample data. IEPA will be contacting any homeowners who had detectable amounts of VOCs in their drinking water.

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) and IDPH wish to thank everyone for their cooperation in this sampling effort. We also apologize for any inconvenience that may have occurred during sampling of anyone's private water well.

Homes Supplied Carbon Filter Treatment Units

Phase 1 of the Remedial Investigation, which began in June 1992, also involved sampling of private water wells and monitoring wells. Laboratory analyses of these samples indicated low levels of some VOC contamination in five residences in the Blackhawk Acres Subdivision. These five residences were supplied carbon filter treatment units by the IEPA as part of an interim corrective action to ensure residents are not exposed to water which may pose health risks. Installation and maintenance of this dual-tank system was completely funded by the IEPA. The efficiency of these carbon treatment units have been sampled on a quarterly basis.

Laboratory analyses of private water wells sampled during Phase 2 of the RI have indicated that it is not necessary to install any additional carbon treatment filter units.

Phase 2 Sampling Continues

Additional water sampling of on-site and off-site monitoring wells for the site was funded by the Beloit Corporation and was completed July 1994. Results of these findings will help determine the nature and extent of contamination for the site. Compilation of the analytical results and interpretations from various tests conducted during Phase 2 will be contained in the upcoming Technical Memorandum. IEPA anticipates this document will be available during the Fall of 1994.

Resident's Comments and Input Count

Representatives from the IEPA are interested in providing as much information about site status and the on-going investigation as possible to local residents and to any concerned individuals. We are willing to meet on a semi-annual basis to provide updated reports as the investigation proceeds. In addition, we are interested in obtaining community members' opinions or suggestions on the on-going investigation at any time. Anyone interested in attending this type of meeting should contact the below listed IEPA representatives.

For Additional Information

Community Relations Coord.

Illinois EPA

1021 N. Grand Ave. E.

Box 19276

Springfield, Illinois 62794-9276

Phone: 217/524-4825

Eric Runkel

Project Manager

Illinois EPA

1021 N. Grand Ave. E.

Box 19276

Springfield, Illinois 62794-9276

Phone: 217/782-0451