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Budget and Billing Forms

Illinois EPA is actively processing payment of claims for work completed under the Illinois Leaking Underground Storage Tank Program. Currently, Illinois EPA is not able to update the Payment Priority List. However, to view the status of your claim, please visit the Office of the Comptroller at and follow the directions on the screen. Please note, you will need the Vendor TIN (FEIN or Social Security Number) and name of the Vendor to complete the request. If you have additional questions, after reviewing the status on the Comptroller’s website, please feel free to contact our fiscal office at 217-782-3250.

An owner or operator seeking payment from the UST Fund shall submit to the Illinois EPA an application for payment on forms prescribed and provided by the Illinois EPA.  Three sets of laws and regulations affect the payment of costs related to a tank release.

Sections 22.18, 22.18a, 22.18b, and 22.18c of the Environmental Protection Act (Act) and  35 Illinois Administrative Code (35 Ill. Adm. Code) 731, referred to as Old Law or Part 731, apply to owners and operators of USTs that contain petroleum who reported a release before September 13, 1993, and have not elected to proceed under 35 Ill. Adm. Code 732 or 734.  Part 731 also applies to releases of regulated non-petroleum substances, regardless of when they were reported.

Title XVI of the Act as effective prior to June 24, 2002, and  35 Ill. Adm. Code 732,  referred to as Part 732, apply to tank owners and operators of USTs who reported a release of petroleum on or after September 13, 1993, and before June 24, 2002, or who elected to proceed under Title XVI before June 24, 2002.

Title XVI of the Act as amended by  Public Act 92-0554 and  35 Ill. Adm. Code 734, referred to as Part 734, apply to tank owners and operators of USTs who reported a release of petroleum on or after June 24, 2002, or who elected to proceed under Part 734.

The payment request process differs according to whether the leaking UST site is subject to Part 731, Part 732, or Part 734.  The payment process is outlined in the  Illinois Underground Storage Tank Fund Guide.

To access the new budget and billing forms, click on the link below. The revised forms replace the ones originally published March 2006. Use these forms if the work proposed is performed on or after March 1, 2006. However, you may continue to use the old set of forms until you complete the current phase of remediation (e.g., site investigation or corrective action) for your site.

New Budget and Billing Forms

Having Trouble Opening These Forms?: If you click on one of these links and get a message that starts with " Please wait...", then your web browser is probably using a built-in PDF viewer, rather than using Acrobat Reader. In that case, upgrading to the latest version of Acrobat Reader will not fix the problem. Instead, do this:

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Most documents are in Adobe PDF form and fillable online.


Budget Forms

Application for Payment Forms

Reference Documents

Old Budget and Billing Forms

The old budget and billing forms are available below. Please continue to use these forms until your site enters a new phase in the remediation process. For instance, if your site is currently in the site investigation phase of remediation, continue to use these forms until you finish site investigation activities. Then, use the new forms (link shown above) for the corrective action phase of the remediation process.

Most documents are in Adobe PDF form and fillable on-line.

If you have any questions or are not sure about what set of forms you should use for your budget or application for payment, please contact the project manager on call in the Leaking Underground Storage Tank Section at 217-524-3300.