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NSAC Recommendations

As part of the Illinois Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy, the Nutrient Science Advisory Committee (NSAC) was established to make recommendations to Illinois EPA regarding numeric nutrient water quality standards for the protection of the aquatic life and human uses of Illinois rivers and streams. Given the complexity of nutrient based stressor-response relationships in lotic systems, a specific framework for developing these standards was not predetermined for NSAC. However, NSAC was charged with giving consideration to whether standards would vary spatially or by other classification factors and was to develop standards in a manner that would ultimately garner approval from the Illinois Pollution Control Board and the U.S. EPA as statewide or site-specific water quality standards.

The comment period is now closed.

Questions regarding the NSAC Recommendations Report can be directed to:

Barb Lieberoff

Office of Community Relations


The Illinois Pollution Control Board, a sister Agency to the Illinois EPA, promulgates water quality standards in

 Illinois. Two Sections of 35 Illinois Administrative Code (IAC), Section 302, Water Quality Standards and Section 303, Water Use Designations and Site Specific Water Quality Standards contain the standards applicable to lakes and streams. Procedures to be followed in using water quality standards to set NPDES permit limits are found in Section 309. Other implementation procedures are found in Agency Rules.

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