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The Illinois EPA receives federal funds through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) to conduct various surface and groundwater monitoring programs. These funds are authorized through the Federal Clean Water Act (CWA). One of the CWA's goals is to have all of the nation's waters "fishable and swimmable." To determine whether that goal is being attained, funds are provided to states to monitor and assess the quality of their waters.

These "Water Monitoring Strategy" documents identify the data collection programs, and their associated goals and objectives, that will be carried out by Illinois EPA. These programs will be conducted over the next five years in order to answer the question, "What is the quality of Illinois' waters?"

This strategy addresses Illinois EPA water monitoring programs conducted within the framework of USEPA guidance developed for state monitoring and assessment programs. Specifically, this report incorporates USEPA's recently released guidance entitled, "Elements of a State Water Monitoring and Assessment Program" (October 2002).

Monitoring Strategies Available: