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Illinois Groundwater Protection Act

The Illinois Groundwater Protection Act (IGPA) (P.A. 85-0863, 1987) responds to the need to manage groundwater quality by emphasizing a prevention-oriented process. The IGPA is a comprehensive law which relies upon a state and local partnership. Although the IGPA is directed toward protection of groundwater as a natural and public resource, special provisions target drinking water wells. The IGPA responds to the need to protect groundwater quality and establishes a unified groundwater protection program by:

  • Setting a groundwater protection policy;
  • Enhancing cooperation;
  • Establishing water well protection zones;
  • Providing for surveys, mapping, and assessments;
  • Establishing authority for recharge area protection;
  • Requiring groundwater quality standards; and
  • Requiring technology control regulations.

The groundwater policy sets the framework for management of groundwater as a vital resource. The law focuses upon uses of the resource and establishes statewide protection measures directed toward potable water wells. In addition, local governments and citizens are provided an opportunity to perform an important role for groundwater protection in Illinois.