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Groundwater Monitoring

Illinois EPA is committed to the protection of groundwater in the State of Illinois and better management of the groundwater data submitted to measure a facility's impact on groundwaters of the State. Facilities where groundwater monitoring and reporting is required include:

  1. permitted non-hazardous and hazardous waste landfills;
  2. land-based hazardous waste units (such as surface impoundments);
  3. units undergoing RCRA closure where contamination has possibly migrated to the groundwater; and
  4. units similar to the units identified in Items 1 through 3 which are being addressed in the RCRA corrective action program.

Electronic Reporting of Groundwater Data

Required of all permitted facilities.

Groundwater Monitoring Information

Applicable Forms


  • Appendix C to LPC-PA2  "Instructions for the Groundwater Protection Evaluation for Putrescible and Chemical Waste Landfills" (Attachment 1 from LPC-PA19 is most recent and should be used for the monitoring constituents.)
  • LPC-PA19 "Instructions for a Significant Modification Demonstrating Compliance with 35 Ill. Adm. Code, Subtitle G, Part 814, Subpart C".


On the Illinois Pollution Control Board site you will find the appropriate regulations (under title 35 of the Illinois Administrative Code) for the following topics:

Non-Hazardous Waste Landfills

  • Groundwater Monitoring (811.319)
  • Groundwater Classification (620 - Subpart B)

Hazardous Waste Landfills

  • Releases from Solid Waste Management Units

    (724 - Subpart F)
  • Groundwater Classification (620 - Subpart B)

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