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Commission on Environmental Justice


Chris Pressnall, Environmental Justice Officer, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, 217-524-1284


The principle of environmental justice requires that no segment of the population, regardless of race, national origin, age, or income, should bear disproportionately high or adverse effects of environmental pollution.

The Commission shall:

  1. advise State entities on environmental justice and related community issues
  2. review and analyze the impact of current State laws and policies on the issue of environmental justice and sustainable communities
  3. assess the adequacy of State and local laws to address the issue of environmental justice and sustainable communities
  4. develop criteria to assess whether communities in the State may be experiencing environmental justice issues
  5. recommend options to the Governor for addressing issues, concerns, or problems related to environmental justice that surface after reviewing State laws and policies, including prioritizing areas of the State that need immediate attention.

The Environmental Protection Agency shall provide administrative and other support to the Commission.


Initial members: 5 shall serve for a 2-year term and 5 shall serve for a 1-year term; thereafter 2-year terms.