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Energy Efficiency at Public Water Infrastructure

Water infrastructure is a broad term that encompasses a complex - often hidden - system of networks that move, treat, store, and manage water with the goal of providing communities with clean, reliable, and afforadable drinking water, as well as stormwater drainage and wastewater treatment.

Population growth, power generation, technology and manufacturing, agriculture, climate change, and aging infrastructure all collectively impact the overall efficiency and resilience of the supply and recovery of public water. 

The Illinois EPA Office of Energy provides resources and technical assistance for reducing energy waste at public water facilities and improving energy efficiency throughout the public water network. Programs available include:

Public Water Infrastructure Energy Efficiency Assessments (No Cost)

Public Water Supply (Drinking Water) Energy Efficiency Grants; and

Wastewater Treatment Plant Energy Efficiency Grants

The Illinois EPA Bureau of Water also has financial assistance for public water infrastructure available through various programs with information available on the Grants & Loans page.