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Abandoned Wells

An abandoned well can pose a health and safety hazard, and become a potential route for groundwater contamination if sealed improperly or not sealed at all. Sealing abandoned wells not only satisfies legal requirements, but it also aids in protecting groundwater, ensures safety, decreases potential liability for the landowner, and aids in the aesthetic value of the home. It is required, under the Illinois Water Well Construction Code, that the owner of a water well, boring or monitoring well, must properly seal the well within 30 days of abandonment or when it is no longer used. Also, it is necessary that a licensed water well driller seals an abandoned well unless the homeowner requests in writing to the local health department or IDPH, describing specific procedures and materials that comply with the well code. For more information on abandoned wells, visit the following links:

  • IDPH's fact sheet, Abandoned Wells provides the legal requirements of properly sealing abandoned wells in Illinois.
  • University of Illinois Extension online publication, Sealing Abandoned Wells explains the risks of abandoned wells, as well as the guidelines on sealing them.