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Consolidated Annual Report

In 2015, Illinois EPA developed the Annual Drinking Water Program Review as a consolidation of several reports including the Annual Compliance Report and the Capacity Development Program Report.  The purpose of the report is to provide information on the efficacy of existing programs to protect and support public water purveyors in Illinois. In addition, this document is intended to meet several independent reporting requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1996.

In part, the Safe Drinking Water Act includes the following requirements:

  • States prepare and submit an annual report on violations of national primary drinking water regulations by public water system;
  • Annual documentation to the U.S. EPA and triennial reporting to the Governor on the efficacy of Illinois' program with emphasis on improving technical, managerial and financial capacity of public water systems in Illinois; and
  • States adopt and implement an Operator Certification Program for Community and Non-Community Water Systems.

In addition, Illinois statute requires the Agency to publish a report which contains information on permits issued for the previous year. The report must summarize the Community Water Supply construction and operating permit process including milestones that measure program efficacy.

This consolidated annual report has been developed to meet all of these reporting requirements in one comprehensive annual report.