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Illinois Hazardous Waste Annual Report

Illinois Hazardous Waste Annual Report

If you were listed in RCRAInfo as a Large Quantity Generator for part or all of a calendar year, or if you shipped regulated amounts during that same year, you need to complete the Hazardous Waste Annual Report.

Illinois EPA is electing to utilize U.S. EPA's federal Biennial Report System (and using the Annual Report Module in alternate years) for entities that are required to report hazardous waste generation or management information. This will mean individuals that submit reports to Illinois EPA on behalf of the regulated companies will need to be registered through RCRAInfo to enter data or submit the report. Approval for one module (Biennial or Annual Report) will automatically result in approval for both. Since Internet Explorer is no longer supported, to get the maximum user experience from RCRAInfo, we highly recommend you make the Browser switch to Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

NOTE:  You can start filling out the forms at any time, but will have to wait until January 3 to certify/sign the forms.

To Register:  Go to and click on "Register". Then, click on "Continue to Industry User Registration" and complete the forms, including the Electronic Signature Agreement. Once you have received approval, you can log back in and begin to work on the actual report. If you had an account in the past and have forgotten your user ID or password, please click on those links to reset rather than requesting a new ID – the system is set up for one user ID per email address.

Illinois EPA highly recommends that each company required to complete the Illinois Hazardous Waste Annual Report have one company officer or manager sign up for Site Manager role in RCRAInfo. The Site Manager needs to be someone with a company email account, not a personal email, since only company employees will be granted this right without additional information.

Once a Site Manager is approved to provide company data in RCRAInfo, that company employee may approve other employees or contractors (see "contractor" below) as Site Manager or to work on, view, and sign the reports (Preparer, Viewer, or Certifier) and/or e-manifests. We recommend that each company have two people with the Site Manager role, in case one is out of the office, but a second is not required.  

Hard copies of reports may still be submitted but should not be necessary for most companies.

and will have to be printed and mailed to:

Illinois EPA, MC#24, P.O. Box 19276, Springfield, IL  62794-9276

In order for a contractor to work on your report, you will need to have an officer or manager signed up for Site Manager role and they can approve the contractor for annual/biennial report  work. You can also send a letter to the above address, requesting that we approve a contractor to work on the report for you; we will need that before the contractor requests approval on your behalf. Please note, this is for your company's protection.

The Generator fee of $500 remains in effect for anyone that was a Large Quantity Generator in one or more months during the year. You may now pay using a credit card, with a small service fee added to the total. Go to and click on "one-time payment". Select Payment Category of "Large Quantity Generator Fee." Enter the company name, U.S. EPA ID number (the 12 digit number starting with IL) for the account number, and then complete the remainder of the form.

If your payment is submitted by check or money order, please ensure a cover letter or the check memo includes "Large Quantity Generator Fee" and has your company identification number, in order for us to properly credit your account.  Submit your payment to:

Illinois EPA, Attn: FISCAL, MC#2 , P.O. Box 19276, Springfield, IL  62794-9276

If you need an invoice to submit to your accounting department, use the text below and add your ID number.

ILLINOIS Environmental Protection Agency

PO Box 19276, Springfield IL 62794-9276

1021 N Grand Ave East, Springfield IL 62702


Hazardous Waste Report

(Annual Facility Activities Report)



Large Quantity Generator (LQG) Annual Fee

All large quantity generators must submit a $500 annual fee as part of their Annual Report, due March 1. Both fee and report are due from every site that meets the large quantity generator threshold in ANY one or more months (see 8700-12 booklet for definitions if you have any questions about the threshold). There are no exceptions for one-time events or closures. Refer to Section 22.8 of the Environmental Protection Act, effective July 1, 2003, if there are any questions about the fee. 

MAKE THE CHECK PAYABLE TO "Illinois Environmental Protection Agency" and submit to Illinois EPA, Attn FISCAL, MC #2 , at the above address; make sure you indicate it is for the LQG fee and include your ID for proper credit to your account.

Note that the only exemption that applies is that a facility that has already paid an Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Bureau of Land Permit and Inspection Fee for treatment, storage, or disposal activities under Section 22.8 does not also pay the $500 generator fee.