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Does My Business Need a Pollution Control Permit?


This document was prepared in response to a recommendation by the Governor's Small Business Environmental Task Force. It is intended to provide a guide or roadmap to assist you in determining whether your business requires an Air, Land or Water Pollution Control Permit from the Illinois EPA.

Determining whether or not a permit is needed has been confusing and frustrating to many small businesses. This document explains how to make this determination. However, it does not provide a definitive answer for every person or source, since complex matters requiring interpretation and assistance can arise.

Certain key words are in bold type within this document. If you understand the meanings of these words, it will make asking questions and understanding the answers easier for you. A word printed in bold type is defined in the regulations. It has a special meaning to regulatory professionals. Many small businesses do not need permits from the Illinois EPA but should reduce emissions and make modifications in their practices to reduce pollution.