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Application Request

Laboratories applying for 


NELAP accreditation should complete the application package as directed below. Laboratories seeking 


NELAP accreditation should contact a member of the IL ELAP staff for directions on completing the application package.

Complete and email the following form to request the laboratory accreditation application package for accreditation. After receiving your request, IEPA staff will send you the application package. You will then need to complete and return the application package, along with the required fees.

After filling out the above form, LAU Staff will send a digital application and cover letter. After your application is filled out, an invoice will be generated and sent via email to you. You will also need to print the last tab (Statement of Compliance), sign and scan it, then return the invoice, payment, and Statement of Compliance to the IL ELAP address.

When selecting analytes/methods to be accredited for, please do not modify (add to or delete from) the "Select by Analyte" tab. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Many of the accredited labs have been asking about adding new methods. The State of Illinois passed legislation, effective July 2020 that allows the Illinois Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (IL ELAP) to accredit several new methods including 624.1, 625.1, and 608.3, as well as the latest approved editions and years of Standard Methods as listed in 40 CRF Part 141 (drinking water) and Part 136 (waste water). The tables in those documents list what method or edition is approved for each analyte. Please check there first. If you have questions about a particular method, or you would like to request that it be approved, please contact accreditation officer.  

For secondary labs, you must provide your primary lab's Certificate of Accreditation (COA) with the new methods already in the scope. For primary labs, you must provide proof of two passing PTs, MDLs, IDOC and an SOP when you request the new/revised methods. Over time, the Illinois EPA LAU will also be removing methods that are no longer approved by USEPA.