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Sims Metal Management

Metals Management Midwest d/b/a Sims Metal is a scrap metal recycler located at 2500 South Paulina Street in Chicago. As part of its metal processing, Sims shreds metal products received at the facility in a hammermill shredder.


Based on stack testing data provided by the facility and reviewed by the Illinois EPA, on July 16, 2021, the Illinois EPA referred Sims Metal to the Illinois Attorney General’s Office (IAGO) for failure to achieve an overall reduction in emissions of 81% as required by the Illinois Pollution Control Board's regulations. Subsequently, a complaint was filed against Sims by the IAGO, and an Agreed Interim Order was entered requiring Sims to construct and operate new air pollution control equipment at the facility to better control particulate matter (PM), volatile organic material (VOM), hydrogen chloride (HCl), and hydrogen fluoride (HF) emissions from the shredder. Pursuant to the Order, and after public outreach, the Illinois EPA issued a construction permit for the air pollution control equipment on September 15, 2022.

After installation of the new air pollution control equipment, Sims is required to perform stack testing to assure that the new controls are effective and meet the control efficiency required by rule and the Interim Agreed Order. After stack testing is completed and the test results have been received and reviewed by Illinois EPA, Sims is required to apply to the Illinois EPA for revision to its existing FESOP operating permit to incorporate the new air pollution control equipment and relevant terms and conditions. The public will be made aware of and given an opportunity to participate in any proposed decisions regarding the operating permit.

Other Regulatory Agencies

Separate from the State’s actions including Illinois EPA permitting, the facility is required to comply with the City of Chicago’s requirements for large recyclers. Information about these requirements may be found on the City of Chicago’s website.

Additionally, in 2022, the USEPA issued a 114(a) information request to Sims to install and operate air pollution monitors at the facility. Information including monitoring data summaries may be found on USEPA’s dedicated Sims webpage.