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Jennison-Wright Corporation Superfund Site

Groundwater Investigation

Granite City, Illinois

The Jennison-Wright Corporation site is an abandoned railroad tie-treating facility and is comprised of approximately 20 acres at 900 West 22nd Street within the corporate boundaries of Granite City, Madison County, Illinois. Jennison-Wright treated wood products (railroad ties and wood block flooring) with pentacholorphenol (PCP), creosote, and zinc naphthenate. Operations at the facility began prior to 1921 and continued until 1989 with three separate companies operating at the site: Midland Creosoting Company (prior to 1921-1940), The Jennison-Wright Corporation (1940-1981) and 2-B-J.W., Inc. (1981- 1989), authorized to do business as Jennison-Wright Corporation.