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Senate Bill 3320/Public Act 096-0908 Fact Sheets

On June 8, 2010, Senate Bill 3320, now Public Act 096-0908, became effective. SB 3320 amended the Environmental Protection Act to:

  1. include the expanded use of the Tiered Approach to Corrective Action Objectives (TACO) rules (see Fact Sheet #2);
  2. strengthen the bidding process adopted under the Illinois Pollution Control Board rules;
  3. change the deductible for new releases to $5000 (see Fact Sheet #3);
  4. commit up to $10 million of money in the Underground Storage Tank (UST) Fund to the payment of corrective action costs for legacy sites;
  5. transition all releases for which a No Further Remediation (NFR) Letter is issued on or after June 8, 2010, to the requirements of Title XVI of the Environmental Protection Act (see Fact Sheet #4);
  6. require the Illinois EPA to propose amendments to Title XVI if a change in State or federal law requires additional remedial action in response to releases for which NFR Letters have been issued; and
  7. allow costs of certain corrective action activities eligible for payment from the UST Fund even when an owner or operator conducts these activities after the issuance of an NFR Letter.