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Financial Help for Brownfields Investigations and Cleanups

Brownfields are abandoned or underused industrial and commercial properties that have actual or perceived contamination and an active potential for redevelopment. Brownfields vary in size, location, age, and past use. They can be anything from a multi-acre closed factory to a vacant gas station on the corner.

Sometimes, brownfields sites are orphan sites, meaning that the company or individual who caused the contamination is bankrupt, defunct, or deceased. Other times, the person who caused the environmental contamination cannot afford to fully investigate and clean up the site.

The Illinois EPA vigorously supports efforts to clean up brownfields properties so they may be put back into productive use. Besides offering technical assistance and innovative cleanup methods, the Illinois EPA offers financial help for brownfields site investigations and cleanups. Many of these financial tools are designed for use by municipalities or private parties that did not cause the contamination.

This is because brownfields sites are a community problem. Site owners, local governments, and private developers must work together to assess the site, plan for its future use, and make sure the environmental contamination, if present, is cleaned up to protect human health.

Use the chart to see which financial tools are best suited to specific sites in your community.

For more information about the brownfields program in Illinois, please contact:

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
Bureau of Land
Office of Brownfields Assistance
1021 North Grand Avenue East
Springfield, Illinois 62794-9276