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Possible online services disruption due to Internet related outage

A worldwide technology outage is causing disruption to some State of Illinois online systems.  We are aware of this issue and are diligently working on restoration.

Bureau of Land Inventory Database

Disclaimer: The information within the following pages is subject to change and may be updated by the Agency without notice. The source of this information is from the regulated community and may contain errors or inaccuracies. It is intended to be used for informational purposes only.

To search for facility information, use any of the 3 search forms below. The first form uses several optional fields which can be used in any combination. The more information provided, the narrower the scope and results. If you know the Bureau of Land Inventory ID, please enter the entire 10 digit number.

Agency Imaged Documents - Recorded No Further Remediation Letters - The Bureau of Land has enabled access to No Further Remediation (NFR) letters that have been recorded with the respective county recorder of deeds. The date range possible for "recorded NFR letters" results are from 1996 to present, and if available, links for displaying the imaged document will be presented at the bottom of the detail (last) page. ***Please note: ONLY recorded NFR letters will be made available and ONLY those that have been digitally imaged***

Tip:When searching by Facility Name, Street, or City... the use of a blank space after a word may yield more precise results. For example, |mart | (notice the blank space after the word), will not return results for ~Martin~  where |mart| which is contained within Martin, will be returned as a part of the results.
Inventory # Facility Name Street City State
BOL Inventory # USEPA ID Tie File # Site Name City