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Accidental Release Prevention

Section 112(r) was added to the amended Clean Air Act following several catastrophic explosions and other releases of toxic chemicals which resulted in loss of life and property due to the lack of proper safety precautions. Its objective is to prevent accidental releases of regulated substances and other extremely hazardous substances to the air and to minimize the consequences of such releases if they do occur by emphasizing preventative measures for those chemicals which are believed to pose the greatest risk.

Among the provisions of Risk Management Plan rule (40 CFR Part 68) are the identification of hazards within a facility which could result in a release, the design and maintenance of a safe facility, and the development of response actions to be taken in the event of a release. RMP rule includes three Program levels; each Program level reflects relative potential for public impacts and the level of effort needed to prevent accidents that may arise from activities conducted by an affected source. An affected source must submit a risk management plan and comply with the requirements of the applicable Program level.

RMP Rule Implementation Tools

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