SWAP ArcIMS Frequently Asked Questions

1. Whenever I try to zoom in I get kicked back out to the statewide map.

Turn off any popup blockers you may have activated in your browser. For MS Internet Explorer 6.0 go to Tools, Popup Blocker and select “turn off popup blocker”. In Netscape 7.2 go to Edit, Preferences, Privacy and Security and deselect “block unrequested popup windows”. In Firefox go to Tools, Options, Content and uncheck “block popups”.

2. I get an error message when I try to use the identfy or select tools that says “IEPA Bureau of Water Areas is not visible and features can not be selected”.

Make sure that the layer you wish to identify or select features from is showing in the Select Active Layer dropdown menu at the upper right of the screen. Whatever layer is listed in the dropdown and visible on the map is the layer that will return information. Clicking in the dropdown box will show the available layers to activate. Scroll down until you see the layer you wish to query on and select it.

3. I get an “XML page error” message when I try to use the website.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 has a conflict with ArcIMS. This is a known issue with no current fix available. The only solution is to go back to Internet Explorer 6 or to switch to a Mozilla based browser such as Firefox or Netscape. Both Firefox and Netscape are available as free downloads from their respective websites.

4. Can I download shapefiles from the website?

Yes, most layers are available for download as ESRI shapefiles. Use the Download button at the top right on the toolbar to access a list of shapefiles in .zip format to download. Please note that all layers are not available, only those maintained by Illinois EPA.

5. Is there metadata available for the layers?

Yes, metadata is available for all layers maintained by Illinois EPA. Links are provided to other layers that have metadata written by other Agencies or companies. Some layers may have no metadata at this time. To access metadata, use the Metadata button on the top left of the toolbar.

6. I get a “map service unavailable” error message.

Occasionally the site will be down for upgrades or increased traffic may cause a user to be denied access. Try again in a few minutes. If this error persists for more than a day, call Joe Konczyk at 217-785-4787.

7. I am working with a LUST site and it is located incorrectly on the mapserver or not at all.

Please send a map with the correct location to the Project Manager for your site. The site location will be entered or corrected in the LUST database and will appear after the next update for that layer (2 to 4 times a year for LUST sites)