SCALE Financial Assistance Application

The application period closes on November 30th
SCALE Funds will be available after February 1st

Application for Financial Assistance through SCALE
Application Information
  • Last
History of Past Events

For the purpose of this application an “event” is defined as all clean up days within a calendar year.

If your organization holds multiple events in a calendar year, combine the event totals and report them as a single year event as follows:

  • For Date - use the date of the first event.
  • For the "Miles or Acres" and "Participants" - enter the total of all of the events held within one calendar year.
Provide event information for your organization's last three events.
 ExampleEvent 1Event 2Event 3
DateMay 13,2008.........
Miles or Acres10 Miles
Upcoming Event Information

*The SCALE program is funded under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act. SCALE funds cannot be used to implement any program that is required by State or Federal law. This includes activites identified as part of a stormwater management program to meet requirements for a Phase II General Stormwater Permit for small municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4).

Refer questions or comments regarding the SCALE program to Illinois EPA Nonpoint Source Unit at (217) 782-3362.

Illinois EPA is authorized to require this information under 415 ILCS 5/4(k). Disclosure of this information is required. Failure to do so may prevent this form from being processed and could result in your application being denied.