Disposal Options

Addresses for medication disposal locations can be found by county by using theĀ Disposal Locations Map.

Illinois EPA also accepts medications at household hazardous waste collection events. In addition, unwanted or expired medications can be taken to long-term household hazardous waste facilities in Naperville, Rockford, Chicago and Lake County.

In addition, several collections are be held at other locations around the state and information will be added to this web page as it becomes available.

If collections are not available, IEPA asks that mediations not be flushed down the drain where they could potentially get in water sources. Instead the label should be removed from the container and the pills should be dissolved with water and placed in coffee grounds or kitty litter and then in a small plastic bag for household trash collections.

Illinois EPA has created a fact sheet on disposal of unused or unwanted pharmaceuticals. It provides basic information on environmentally-responsible disposal methods as well as recommended steps to reduce pharmaceutical waste. For further information or questions, please email us at EPA.Meds.Mail@Illinois.gov.

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