Set-Aside Breakdown (DRAFT)

 Phase 1Phase 2 
Category Breakdown76,23063,525TimingAggregationLook BackAllowance Availability
 Energy Efficiency (EE)(%)(#)(#)(Years)(Yes/No)(Years)Exisitng UtilityNew UtilityAnyone
1)Demand Side Management (DSM)2%152512715-7Yes3  X
 Energy Efficient New Construction (EENC)2%152512715-7Yes3  X
 Supply Side Energy Efficiency (SSEE)2%152512715-10Yes3X  
 Renewable Energy (RE)   
2)Zero Emission Energy Unit (ZEEU)4%30492541∞ *Yes5  X
 Renewable Energy Emission Unit (REEU)2%15251271∞ *Yes5  X
 Integrated Gasification Combined Cycles (IGCC)5%38123176∞ *No0 X 
 Early Adopters (Approval by 2012)2%15251271∞ *Yes0  X
 Efficient Operators1%762635∞ *No3-6 X 
 New Sources   
4)New Source Set-Aside (NSSA)5%381231765No0 X 

* = Allowances are pro rated to the source so long as the source is in operation