CAIR CASA NOx Allowances by Vintage

This table shows the available CAIR NOx allowances by vintage for each category and control period after CAIR CASA applications have been deemed complete and CAIR CASA NOx allocations have been approved.

Available CAIR CASA NOx Allowances
 Energy Efficiency and Conservation/Renewable EnergyAir Pollution Control Equipment UpgradesClean Coal TechnologyEarly AdoptersTotal By Vintage Year
Vintage 2009 - Annual (Nov 2014)6193-2886*41689048279
Vintage 2010 - Annual914938114573152519,058
Vintage 2011 - Annual914938114573152519,058
Vintage 2012 - Annual914938114573152519,058
Vintage 2013 - Annual914938114573152519,058
Vintage 2014 - Annual914938114573152519,058
Total Annual51,93816,16927,0338529103,569
Vintage 2009 - Seasonal (Nov 2014)311518216025845403
Vintage 2010 - Seasonal3684153518426147675
Vintage 2011 - Seasonal3684153518426147675
Vintage 2012 - Seasonal3684153518426147675
Vintage 2013 - Seasonal3684153518426147675
Vintage 2014 - Seasonal3684153518426147675
Total Seasonal21,535785710,812365443,858

Note: Oldest vintage CAIR NOx Allowances within a CASA NOx Project category are allocated first per 35 Ill. Adm. Code 274.210(c).

*The negative amounts are pulled from the other CASA categories in the same vintage year as described in 35 Ill. Adm. Code 225.475(b) and 225.575(b),