CAIR NOx Allocations

The Illinois Pollution Control Board adopted regulations pertaining to the federal Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR) under 35 Ill. Adm. Code Section 225. The total base CAIR NOx trading budget is 76,230 tons for the annual portion of the program and 30,701 tons for the seasonal portion. These values remain the same for control periods 2009 through 2014, subject to a reduction for two set-asides, the New Unit Set-Aside (NUSA) and the Clean Air Set-Aside (CASA). The CAIR regulation sets aside 53,361 allowances for all CAIR NOx units annually and 21,491 allowances seasonally.

Section 225.435 provides the methodology for calculating annual NOx allocations (Section 225.535 does the same for seasonal allocations). The regulation requires a conversion to converted gross electrical output (CGO) based on fuel type. Equations can be found in the CAIR regulation on the Illinois Pollution Control Board's website.

Annual and seasonal CAIR NOx allocations have been submitted to USEPA using the allocation calculation methodology outlined in the CAIR rule to determine the number of allowances provided to each Illinois source.