Control Device Codes

019Catalytic afterburner
020Catalytic afterburner with heat exchanger
021Direct flame afterburner
022Direct flame afterburner with heat exchanger
025Staged combustion
026Flue gas recirculation
029Low-excess air firing
031Air injection
035Magnesium oxide scrubbing
036Dual alkali scrubbing
038Ammonia scrubbing
041Dry limestone injection
042Wet limestone injection
045Sulfur plant
046Process change
048Adsorption - Activated carbon or other
049Liquid filtration system
050Packed gas absorption column
051Tray type gas absorption column
052Spray tower
054Process enclosed
056Dynamic separator (dry)
057Dynamic separator (wet)
058Mat or panel filter
059Metal fabric filter screen
060Process gas recovery
063Gravel bed filter
064Annular ring filter
065Catalytic reduction
066Molecular sieve
067Wet lime slurry scrubbing
068Alkaline fly ash scrubbing
069Sodium carbonate scrubbing
070Sodium alkali scrubbing
075Cyclone/centrifugal collector
079Dry electrostatic granular filter
085Wet cyclonic separator
086Water curtain
087Nitrogen blanket
088Conservation vent
089Bottom filling
093Submerged filling
095White paint
096Vapor lock balance recovery system
097Secondary seal on floating roof tank
099Other control device
101High efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA)
102Low solvent coatings
103Powder coatings
104Waterborne coatings
109Catalytic oxidizer
110Vapor recovery unit
117Packed scrubber
119Dry scrubber
121Cyclones (multiple)
127Fabric filter/baghouse
128Electrostatic precipitator - dry
139Selective catalytic reduction (SCR)
140Selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR)
141Wet scrubber
146Electrostatic precipitator - wet
147Increased air/fuel ratio with intercooling
149Pre-combustion chamber
154Screened drums or cages
201Knock out box
202Spray dryer adsorber
203Catalytic converter
204Overfire air
205Low NOx burners
206Dry sorbent injection
207Activated carbon injection
208Freeboard refrigeration device
209Gravity collector
211Mist eliminator
212Steam injection
213Water injection
214Low nitrogen content fuel
215Flue gas desulfurization
217Dust suppression
218Electrostatic spraying
301Fuel reburning
302Bio filter
303Catalytic additives
304Enclosed combustor
305Diesel particulate filters
306Duct sorbent injection
307Furnace sorbent injection
308Wet sorbent injection
309Leak detection and repair (LDAR) program
310Non-selective catalytic reduction (NSCR)
311Other pollution prevention technique
312Oxidation catalyst
313Spray booth and filter
314Spray booth and overspray arrestor
315Spray guns - High volume, low pressure (HVLP)
316Ultra low NOx Burners
317Recuperative thermal oxidizer
318Product substitution
319Regenerative thermal oxidizer