Land Pollution and Waste Disposal for Educators

These are the cleanup and waste management topics that we believe might be of most interest to you as an educator. For even more information, visit our main cleanup program page and our main waste management page.

  • Recycling, including how to find recycling centers and how to recycle household items.
  • Electronics Recycling, including a list of electronic devices that are banned from landfills and a list of residential electronics recycling sites.
  • Household Hazardous Waste Disposal, including household hazardous waste collections, acceptable wastes, and how to disposal of common household hazardous wastes.
  • Medication Disposal, including teacher tools, FAQs, disposal options, disposal locations, and more.
  • Pollution Prevention at School, ideas for pollution prevention activities that you can do at school, both to reduce pollution and to teach your students about pollution prevention.
  • Lead-based Paint, a fact sheet that explains why lead-based paint is dangerous and how to dispose of it.

For even more information, visit our main cleanup program page and our main waste management page.