Quick Answer Directory

This Directory was created by the Illinois EPA to provide small businesses with quick and easy access to Illinois EPA personnel. It is our hope that this Directory will help provide better service to our small business customers as well as others.

Available for your convenience is our Small Business Online Helpline where you can submit your questions via the Internet.

We would also like to encourage you to respond to our Quick Answer Directory Feedback Form. With your feedback to some brief questions, we can work to improve the Directory and make it more user friendly.

Now available is a Fact Sheet Request Form. This form includes a listing of fact sheets available from the Office of Small Business. Some of the fact sheets listed on the request form can be found online. You can view these fact sheets by visiting our online publications. To obtain a hard copy of any of the listed fact sheets, just fill out the request form and submit it to us.

The Quick Answer Directory is divided into the following sections:

  • Section 1: Mailing addresses, including Illinois EPA office locations, the phone number for environmental emergencies, and Illinois EPA’s TDD line for the hearing impaired.
  • Section 2: Abbreviations and Acronyms used in this directory.
  • Section 3: Environmental Topics, key words and whom to call for the information concerning a specific topic.
  • Section 4: Illinois EPA regional offices to call for assistance in each Illinois county.
  • Section 5: Internet addresses containing environmental information.
  • Section 6: Delegated agencies listing.
  • Section 7: Vehicle emissions testing station locations.
  • Section 8: Other acronyms used within Illinois EPA.